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  • This web page will tell you a little more about Owen Jones and the web site called Welsh Products Online, which was started in 2000. Welsh Products Online will accept advertising from Welsh companies

  • This article contains my top training tips for an Afghan hound.If you are new to these wonderful dogs, I am sure that they will save you time and heartache.

  • There are hundreds of reasons to start looking into your genealogy (researching your family's history)

  • Much of what we know or have supposed about Barry and the Vale of Glamorgan, in which it is situated has been gleaned from the buildings found there...

  • Until 120 years ago, the area now covered by the town of Barry was relatively undisturbed by human activity.

  • 'Behind The Smile ~ The Story of Lek a Bar Girl in Pattaya' is the first novel by Owen Jones from Barry, South Wales. It has characters from Barry and is partially set there.

  • The bottlenose dolphin is found in Cardigan Bay and the Moray Firth. An annual sea life survey in Wales has recorded a 25% increase in bottlenose dolphin sightings....

  • You have to admire the British, as represented by their current government and its intellectual constituency. They never stop trying to improve their society.

  • St David's Day / Dydd Gwyl Dewi - message from President Bush On this St. David's Day, I send our warmest greetings to the people of Wales ...

  • Give Joe Calzaghe a smack and chances are you'll get two back. After news came that his former promoter Frank Warren was suing the Welsh light-heavyweight for ...

  • Cardiff, the capital of Wales, has undergone massive redevelopment in recent years. It boasts that it is the largest city in Wales and the 11th largest in the UK.

  • Well, Sam The Man has gone one step further to making Cardiff the second Welsh national team. The embarrassment of Welsh club football is eased somewhat.

  • Please use this page to contact us if necessary.

  • Wayne Gamm was the unhappy son of a White Witch and a sheep farmer who lived on a bleak muntainside in north-mid Wales. He was shunned and feared at school where he was called Fate Twister

  • Since 1066 during the Norman Conquest, Flat Holm has been included in the parish boundaries of St. Mary’s in Cardiff.

  • Obtaining a visitor's visa to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is a daunting and usually difficult task.

  • Gelert was the favourite and faithful hound of Prince Llewellyn the Great of North Wales.. The legend of Gelert, or simply Beddgelert is weel-known to Wlsh kids

  • 'Behind The Smile ~ Daddy's Hobby' is the first novel by Owen Jones from Barry, South Wales. This page tells another part of the story of Lek's visit to Barry.

  • 'Behind The Smile ~ Daddy's Hobby' is the first novel by Owen Jones from Barry, South Wales. This page tells part of the story of Lek's visit to Barry.

  • Have you ever wondered what the symbols on Welsh love spoons mean ? Here is an explanation of the most common symbols ...

  • The Megan Series is about the awakening of a teenage girl's psychic powers. Megan has trouble finding help from live people but finds a few dead ones to advise her!

  • Mount Snowdon is in the area of North Wales known as Snowdonia in English or Eryri in Welsh. It is a protected area of outstanding natural beauty.

  • After an 11 hour flight from London, I arrived in Johannesburg and had a short aeroplane flight to Livingstone, Botswana, to view the Victoria Falls.

  • Owen Jones from Barry, South Wales published his first book 'Behind The Smile ~ The Story of Lek a Bar Girl in Pattaya' containing characters from Barry in 2012

  • 1st. May 2001 -- Pete is a friend of mine who always has a few jokes, I started to collect the cleaner ones ...

  • This is page number two of my collection of Pete's jokes.

  • This is page number three of my collection of Pete's jokes.

  • This is page number four of my collection of Pete's jokes.

  • This is page is number five of my collection of Pete's jokes.

  • An endangered shark has been spotted off the western coast of Wales, just metres from the shore. The shark had fresh abrasions around its snout ...

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  • A Welsh white cow and calf will have a starring role at this year’s Royal Welsh Agricultural Show at Llanelwedd, Builth Wells (July 21-24). These rare Welsh cattle are few and far between...

  • Real ale in Wales is booming despite the fact that beer sales in the UK are down in general. If you want to know more about real ale in Wales, click through....

  • Dead Centre by Owen Jones is largely set in South Wales, especially in St. David's, Pembroke and Cardiff, Barry and Rhoose in South Glamorgan

  • This page contains a list of all the articles on this site and short descriptions of each of them

  • Theis website is called Welsh Products Online, but it is more about promoting Wales and the Welsh than selling stuff

  • This page contains a brief explanation of St David, the patron saint of Wales

  • The beautiful county of Pembrokeshire in west Wales is one of the main beckdrops for the latest novel by Owen Jones called 'Dead Centre'. St. David's, Barry, Rhoose and Cardiff feature too

  • The Fairy Queen of Caragonan is a traditional Welsh folktale or fairy story, quite literally. I have updated the language a little, but not much, I hope.

  • My parents had the first Afghans in Barry in 1968. The first one was called Sheba. She was the most beautiful dog I had ever seen, with a golden coat and curled tail and hauty expression

  • There are three types of gull on the island. Namely, the Greater Black Backed, the Lesser Black Backed and the Herring Gull.

  • Have you ever wondered about the symbols on Welsh love spoons? Here is an explanation of the most common symbols ...

  • The Vale of Glamorgan used to be called South Glamorgan or Morgannwg De, in Welsh. Quality of life is second to none in the Vale...

  • Or should I have called these reminiscences of a tour guide? Looking through some of the previous newsletters ...

  • Having fallen in love with the island of Flat Holm two years ago, I was delighted to be asked if I would like to train as a tour guide.

  • A mysterious UFO seen hovering in the sky above Wales is set to be the subject of a US TV show.

  • Queen Victoria and Prince Albert visited Europe in the 1850’s. On their return the queen, being concerned about the strength of the French Navy ...

  • Wales measures roughly 225km (140 mls) from north to south and between 60 and 160 km from west to east, where it borders England.

  • Choose one the many Welsh coastal cottages to suit your requirements. Your Welsh coastal cottage could be secluded or within eeasy reach of a city.

  • Welsh corgi puppies are beautiful little creatures, but you have to watch out because they get into everything and can hurt themselves very easily.

  • You can still buy a Welsh gold wedding ring, because some gold is still mined in two small mines in Wales, although on a very small scale.

  • The use of Welsh on the international stage takes a major step forward today [15 July] following a decision by the European Union Council of Ministers.

  • Welsh suitors used to give Welsh love spoons to their girlfriends as a token of their affection and a demonstration of their prowess as a craftsman. Lovespoons are popular again as...

  • The bird was identified thanks to a photograph of its tag A missing chick from the only known nesting pair of ospreys in Wales has been traced in south west Scotland.

  • Welsh Products Online is a website for those with an affinity for Wales and the Welsh, but who cannot get there as often as they would like.

  • The exact origin of the Welsh Red Dragon is shrouded in the mists of time and there is still much debate regarding its source.

  • If you like to listen to Welsh Songs or watch Welsh Song Videos, click through to our site - we have over 1,000!

  • Canadian enthusiasts are preparing to celebrate a museum re-opening by re-enacting a battle from a war which saw Welsh troops set fire to the White House.

  • When I was a boy of about seven or eight years of age, before I became far too self-conscious to enquire about such things, I asked my mother what the nipples on my chest were for.

  • Gardeners in south Wales should not be surprised if they find an all-white, worm-munching slimy creature in their flowerbeds this summer. Carnivorous slugs are about in Wales...