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Dewi Sant (Saint David): The Patron Saint of Wales.

He was born near St. Bride's Bay, Pembrokeshire, south-west Wales. It is not certain which year he was born in, but he died in 601 AD. He was Bishop of Moni Judeorum, or Minevia (after his death, re-named St. David's) and presided over two Welsh Synods, at Brefi and Caerleon. He founded many churches in south Wales. He died at Minevia, which they transformed into a shrine in his honour.

His Feast Day and a day of celebration for Wales, is March 1st, on which day many people wear the emblems of Wales - the leek and the daffodil, and most school children hold a mini-Eisteddfod in the morning and have a half day holiday, often to play sports - traditionally rugby (or in my case in my school on that day, a hybrid of rugby and football).

by +Owen Jones