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The Symbolism of Love Spoons

A Double Heart We feel the same way about each other, Love is returned, Two people living as one.

A Single Heart My Heart is Yours

A Cross or Crosses: Faith and Marriage

A Key or Keyhole: My Home is Yours

An Anchor: Home to stay

A House: My Home/my Heart is Yours

A Flower: Courtship, fertility and beauty

A Vine: Growing together

A Knot Everlasting Love

A Chain: Captured Love / Union Ball in a cage Captured Love, Number of children wanted.

A Ship: Safe voyage through life

A Heart-shaped Bowl: Fulfilled Love

Double Bowl: The Loving couple

Triple Bowl: The couple and hoped for family

A Wheel: I will work hard for you

A Horseshoe: Good luck

Feathers: Symbol of Wales

Bells: Marriage

Tools: I will work hard for you

Locks: Safe and secure in your love

Fruit Fertility

Leaves: Fertility and Beauty

Trees: A long and happy life

A Rope: Joining together

Symbol of Life: (Spun through 180 degrees looks like a ‘comma’, perhaps representing a nostril), depicting ‘breath of life’

Interlaced Ribbon: Life everlasting, taken from Celtic designs

by +Owen Jones