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Welsh Corgi Puppies

Welsh corgi puppies are beautiful dogs and sweet natured companions. The origin of corgis is uncertain, but they were and still often are working dogs. There are two varieties of Welsh corgis: Pembroke Welsh Corgis and Cardigan Welsh Corgis. Both varieties of Welsh corgi are fairly small, being about 10-13 inches tall and weighing about 12 kilos. This makes Welsh corgi puppies very small and vulnerable.

Welsh Corgi Puppies

Welsh Corgis are small herding dogs that comes from Wales. There are two distinct dog breeds: the Pembroke Welsh Corgi and the Cardigan Welsh Corgi. The Pembroke corgi being the more common.

Corgis are generally healthy dog breeds, living into their early or middle teens, although both breeds do suffer from a few hereditary diseases. Probably the most famous corgi owner in the world is Queen Elizabeth II.

The origin or the word (or words in Welsh) are unclear, but there are two possible candidates: 'cor' meaning 'dwarf' or 'cur' meaning 'watch dog' and 'ci' meaning 'dog'. Both the Cardigan and Pembroke Welsh Corgi are among the healthiest and longest-lived dogs in the Herding Group.

The Cardigan is one of the oldest breeds of dog in Britain and has been used for centuries by Welsh farmers to herd cattle. Cardigans are the larger of the two breeds. They are fairly long haired coat with large rounded ears and a foxy, flowing tail of moderate length set in line with the body.

The Pembroke corgi has pointed ears and is somewhat smaller in stature and shorter haired than the Cardigan. Considered a practical little dog, they are low-set, strong and sturdy with sufficient stamina to work all day on the farm, but family friendly and out-going as well. The dog's head is fox-like and the tail short, which can be accomplished through breeding or docking.

Welsh corgi puppies are quite small, but will still be able to get into trouble. A Welsh Corgi puppy is like a young child, because they are into everything. Because Welsh corgi puppies are so small, you only have to worry about things that are within two foot of the floor, but you will have to worry about everything within two feet of the floor! This includes things like electrical wires and cleaners and poisons.

These are all potentially lethal to small Welsh corgi puppies. Potted household plants can also be very harmful to your Welsh corgi puppies. Some plants are very poisonous to animals. For example, Aloe Vera, Eucalyptus, and Baby's Breath are very toxic, but there are others too that will kill your bouncing Welsh corgi pups.

The toilet is a serious danger to Welsh corgi puppies, because they can clamber inside and drown, so you must always remember to keep the toilet seat lid down. You also have to be careful of balconies, steps, roads and swimming pools.

Welsh corgi puppies are much like their parents. They are very fast, but they are also small enough to get through almost any gap and then they are off. They will fall off the balcony, not be seen on the road or get seriously hurt falling down steps.

The best way to think about Welsh corgi puppies is to treat them like toddlers. They will be into everything and will knock things over and pull things down. They will tear up your slippers and pee on the carpet.

But not for long. Welsh corgi puppies are very intelligent and want to please their leader, so just be patient and train your Welsh corgi puppies with kindness. They will soon respond.

by +Owen Jones