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Huw's Views on Cardiff City FC

Well, Sam The Man has gone one step further to making Cardiff the second Welsh national team. The embarrassment of Welsh club football is eased somewhat.

Swansea have escaped relegation (out of the football league that is); Wrexham have scaled the giddy heights of promotion to the second division, while Cardiff have clawed, and I mean clawed, their way into the first division. Meanwhile, Newport are still languishing; well, I don't actually recall where they are languishing!

Don't get me wrong, I am a very happy man today. I apologise for all those vile names I screamed at Lennie Lawrence for substituting Earns haw, when Campbell placed that ball over the QPR keeper's head. I don't think I've been so happy since my first girlfriend nodded and smiled.

But, and there is a 'but', we will now be playing the likes of West Ham and Sunderland next season, providing West Ham still have a team, and if we don't play better football than we have been over the last few months, we're going to make West Bromwich's time in the Premiership look impressive.

I watched the game at Ashton Gate and I watched the match at the Millenium Stadium and quite frankly, I've seen netball games when the ball has spent more time on the ground. Watching the likes of Man U. and Arsenal play in Europe this year, on TV that is, I sometimes wonder if it's the same sport.

However, saying that, I am a natural sporting pessimist; there is the money, apparently, and the will to spend it and I doubt that there are many teams in the First Division that have not only the actual, but the potential support that the Blue Birds have. Given the new stadium, crowds of 25,000 plus, I imagine, will not be unusual. No terracing though, which will be a pity: I shall miss the Bob Bank.

The Game

Haven't hardly mentioned the game have I?; that's because it was largely shite, apart, of course, from the fact that WE WON, in front of 70,000 people, in the MILLENIUM STADIUM, in my HOME TOWN, in my CAPITAL CITY, in WALES.

It just doesn't get any sweeter than that. AND THEY WERE ENGLISH!