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Welsh Products Online

Welsh Products Online, this website, has been around for more than fifteen years now. Welsh Products Online is meant for those who are interested in Wales and the Welsh, but who cannot get there as often as they would like. I hope that you find something to interest you on Welsh Products Online.


Welsh Products Online

Wales is situated between England's western border and the Atlantic / Irish Sea. Wales covers an area of just under 21,000 square kilometres and has a population of about 3 million, which is just under 2% of the population of the United Kingdom.

Welsh people started to develop a national identity after the Romans left in the 5th Century AD, but it was eventually conquered by the Anglo-Normans in 1056. Nowadays, Wales is recognized as being bilingual; Welsh and English having equal status. About 20-25% of the population speaks Welsh.

Wales has two national emblems; the leek and the daffodil and is famous for the red dragon on its flag. National products used to include gold, coal and steel and at one time, Cardiff was the biggest exporter of coal in the world. Sheep and lava bread are also well-known products from Wales

Nowadays, Welsh products include media and Cardiff, the capital of Wales is the biggest media centre in the UK with the exception of London. This is only fitting as Wales has been known as 'The Land of Song' for well over a hundred years, although then it was because of the revival of the ancient festival of song called the 'Eisteddfod'.

Another famous product is gold. Gold has probably been mined in Wales for thousands of years, but it was the Romans who made an industry of it. They mined gold at Dolaucothi in Carmarthenshire. The only significant producer of Welsh gold now is Clogau Welsh gold, which we will go into in more detail on another web page.

Another typically Welsh product is the love spoon or lovespoon. Amorous young men used to give the woman they admired a decorative, hand-made lovespoon to demonstrate his love and ability as a craftsman. The tradition still lives on although most people buy their love spoons now rather than make them themselves.

Some other things Wales is famous for, besides sheep, are listed below.

Welsh Corgi Puppies

Welsh corgi puppies, like their parents, are beautiful dogs. The origin of the Welsh corgi is uncertain, but they were and still often are working dogs. There are two varieties of Welsh corgi: the Pembroke Welsh Corgi and The Cardigan Welsh Corgi - named after the two Welsh counties where these varieties of Welsh corgi originated. Both varieties of Welsh corgi are fairly small, being about 10-13 inches tall and weighing about 12 kilos. This makes Welsh corgi puppies really tiny.

Welsh Gold Wedding Ring

Some members of the English royal family wear a Welsh gold wedding ring, because Welsh gold is highly prized for its origin and its scarcity. Gold was probably mined in Wales before the Romans arrived, but we know for certain that they mined for Welsh gold in Dolaucothi in south Wales. There is another Welsh gold mine in north Wales around Dolgellau. Much of this gold is used to make jewellery such as the royal Welsh gold wedding ring.

Welsh Love Spoons

Welsh love spoons probably had their origins in the "cawl" (soup or stew) spoon. It seems that decorative carvings were added to the spoons over generations and so gradually welsh love spoons lost their original practical use and became decorative items to be hung on the wall. Welsh love spoons were given to a young woman by her suitor. The purpose of Welsh love spoons was to prove to the girl's father that the young man was skilled and so was capable of providing for his new family.

Welsh Coastal Cottages

Staying in one of the beautiful Welsh coastal cottages is a fantastic way to spend the Summer. You could spend your time swimming in the clear seas off north and west Wales, surfing, visiting castles or just admiring the verdant scenery. The Welsh people are renowned for their hospitality, and their Welsh coastal cottages are comfortable and well equipped. Some interesting areas to visit are St David's, the smallest city in the UK; Flat Holm, an old fortress in the Bristol Channel; and the Vale of Glamorgan, the most densely populated county in Wales with many museums, churches and Cardiff in it.

The Books On The Right

I wrote the books on the right, so I will tell you why the are here (besides having been written by a Welshman).

Behind The Smile

Is set mostly in Pattaya, Thailand, but some of the main characters are from Barry, South Wales, and the last two chapters are set there

Dead Centre:

The main characters are based on a farm in St. David's Pembrokeshire, West Wales

Fate Twister:

The subtitle of this should be: 'The Story of a Shepherd Boy Brought up by Witches in the Mountains near Dolgellau', because that says it all - to those in the know.

The Megan Series:

There are twenty-one novellas in this series about the psychic development of Megan, a teenage Welsh girl from a town in South Wales that bears a remarkable resemblance to Bary :-)

Tiger Lily of Bangkok:

Set wholly in Babgkok, Thailand, but the sequel is set in London

The Disallowed:

Has nothing to do with Wales whatsoever. It is here because it's humorous and set in the mountains

by +Owen Jones